2017 NCAA Fantasy Fencing Bracket Powered by 14meters

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Picks for Molly Hill Current Score: 205

Event Name School Region Points
ME Rodell, Clinton Pennsylvania State University Mid-Atlantic/South 8
ME Simmons, Ariel University of Notre Dame Midwest 15
MF Moelis, Sam Columbia University-Barnard College Northeast 16
MF Massialas, Alexander Stanford University West 16
MS Mackiewicz, Andrew Pennsylvania State University Mid-Atlantic/South 14
MS Dershwitz, Eli Harvard University Northeast 21
WE Van Brummen, Anna Princeton University Mid-Atlantic/South 17
WE Holmes, Katharine Princeton University Mid-Atlantic/South 20
WF Massialas, Sabrina University of Notre Dame Midwest 19
WF Kiefer, Lee University of Notre Dame Midwest 20
WS Chamberlain, Maia Princeton University Mid-Atlantic/South 19
WS Russo, Francesca University of Notre Dame Midwest 20