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Picks for Sonia Romero Current Score: 114

Event Name School Region Points
ME Hesslegrave, Porter Columbia University-Barnard College Northeast 11
ME Strong, Sean Stanford University West 11
MF Szumlas, Algird University of Detroit Mercy Midwest 3
MF Ahn, Aiden Yale University Northeast 7
MS DeCaire, Duncan Duke University Mid-Atlantic/South 13
MS Fitzgerald, Jonathan University of Notre Dame Midwest 14
WE Bichette, Renee Boston College Northeast 10
WE Yukelson, Taly University of California San Diego 14
WF Lee, Julia Duke University Mid-Atlantic/South 8
WF Boyd, Mykra University of the Incarnate Word West 4
WS Plunkett, Kerry Temple University Mid-Atlantic/South 8
WS Singleton-Comfort, Leanne U.S. Air Force Academy West 11