2017 NCAA Fantasy Fencing Bracket Powered by 14meters

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Picks for Max Rudolph Current Score: 128

Event Name School Region Points
ME Garzo, Zsombor University of Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South 10
ME Engel, Hans New York University Northeast 4
MF Barmann, Samuel Princeton University Mid-Atlantic/South 8
MF Shin, Philip New York University Northeast 12
MS DeCaire, Duncan Duke University Mid-Atlantic/South 13
MS Musgrave, Walter Yale University Northeast 7
WE Ibrahim, Safa Temple University Mid-Atlantic/South 12
WE Sirico, Amanda University of Notre Dame Midwest 20
WF Vaiani, Nicole University of Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South 12
WF Boyd, Mykra University of the Incarnate Word West 4
WS Chamberlain, Maia Princeton University Mid-Atlantic/South 19
WS Sapienza, Lindsay Duke University Mid-Atlantic/South 7