2017 NCAA Fantasy Fencing Bracket Powered by 14meters

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Picks for Sammie Killmer Current Score: 125

Event Name School Region Points
ME Garzo, Zsombor University of Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South 10
ME Canaux, Gabe Columbia University-Barnard College Northeast 12
MF Sudilovsky, Stas The Ohio State University Midwest 13
MF Masood, Umar Brown University Northeast 7
MS Dershwitz, Eli Harvard University Northeast 21
MS Kwong, Samuel Stanford University West 7
WE Hamilton, Pauline Northwestern University Midwest 10
WE Bichette, Renee Boston College Northeast 10
WF Chan, Stephanie Northwestern University Midwest 6
WF Pak, Sarah Yale University Northeast 8
WS Palczynska, Patrycja Wayne State University (Michigan) Midwest 14
WS Tartakovsky, Gabby Harvard University Northeast 7